Monday, February 20, 2017

We keep waking up to the noise of rain in the gutters

It's raining today. It's been raining for over a month, now. Funny that the weather held out with perfect sunny days for winter break, and then break broke into the heavy, nonstop rains that usually mark late winter and early spring in Northern California. My friends who aren't from California are shocked and dismayed every time they wake up to rain. My friends and I who know California are soaking it in like we are the parched soil itself. I am trying to hold this water in the reservoir of my heart. Lord knows this state needs as much rain as it can get.

Today afternoon.

Yesterday morning.
Granted, if California's politics and infrastructure were more environmentally-minded than they are now, we wouldn't have such a huge drought problem when it doesn't rain, and such a huge flooding problem when it finally does. My heart goes out to the people of Oroville and other cities who can't be sure that their levees and stormwater systems will hold. We are a state of people caught between too little and too much. I am privileged to be among the people who are safe from the ravages of floods. But surely there must be a better way.

That is the goal that preoccupies my mind these days. Surely there must be a better way - not only for me to live, but for everyone to live. What can I do to be a levee for those who need a break, and a reservoir for those who are far too close to breaking? And how can I extend a helping hand to not only people, but the land and the creatures that I love? Now that graduation has finally ceased sneaking up on me and is simply loudly announcing its imminent arrival, it's time for me to take my next step. I appreciate that the end of college is booting me along into the next phase of my life. I'm just not quite sure what it will look like, yet. At least the first summer of the rest of my life will be a green one.

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