Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August!

And what a lovely start to the month this was! I went out to my normal creek, not expecting too much. The birds put on a really nice show. When I made it to the creek, I noticed a huge flock of Canada Geese feeding in a nearby field. Between me and the field was a small bush, and once I got close enough to see over the bush, I found myself staring right into the eyes of three Burrowing Owls, not even 10 feet away.

What a gorgeous bird! Look at those eyes, and those speckles and bars, and those strong toes clinging onto the branch. I was surprised by how small this owl and its buddies were. Burrowing Owls are actually much smaller than they appear!

This was another owl from the same group. :) I tried to be discrete while taking these pictures, but I had to get really close to the bush to see over it. All three of the owls flushed. The only apology I could give was to back away quickly. Hopefully they didn't stay away from the spot too long. I'm pretty sure this was two parents and a juvenile, so their nest might have been around here.

Anyways! Finding these owls was a marvelous start, but there were lots more cool birds to be found!

Farther down the path, this American Kestrel flew over. You can see its head is bowed over - that's because it's chewing at its right foot, either to clean it or to eat something held in its claws.

I'm super happy with how well my camera captures flying birds. I was happily photographing this Great Egret when someone else flew right into the shot and distracted me -

A Black-crowned Night Heron! Night Herons aren't uncommon, but I'm rarely lucky enough to get pictures of them. This heron flew right past me obligingly. I love this shot because of the light rolling across its wing.

And I love this shot because you can see its beady red eye! What a cool bird.

All in all, this morning was really enjoyable! I got some awesome pictures, and I also got to sketch some birds, and the creek was alive with activity. There were very few Barn Swallows in Colorado, so it was nice to get out again and hear the Barnies twittering above me.


  1. Happy August!

    Wonderful owl shots; how lucky to be at the right place at the right time. Your "usual places" sound fabulous.

    I'm very glad to have found your blog (via ABA). Keep up the good work, the great photos and happy birding!

    ~ Wren

    1. I know, those owls were absolutely stupendous! And thank you for all of your compliments. I'm happy you're enjoying my little blog! :)

      Happy birding to you, as well!

  2. WOW!!! Amazing owl pics!!! And so are all the others. Just incredible :D