Saturday, July 20, 2013

My first birding camp!!!

I'm getting on the plane to Camp Colorado tomorrow!!! I am super excited. This will be my first time at a camp specifically for birding. There are a lot of birds I'm hoping to see, but even more than that, I'm pumped to meet up with young birders like me. They tell me there will be 20 kids at Camp CO - that's more young birders than I have met over my entire birding career! It should be a fun week of birding and photography and drawing and goofing off. I'm taking my camera, so I will return with lots of cool photos to share! Man, I'm so looking forward to this.

The main reason I'm going to Camp Colorado is because I received a scholarship from the Central Valley Bird Club! This scholarship is so generous and I'm extremely happy to be a recipient. The CVBC is a really cool organization - they're the ones who run the Central Valley Bird Symposium in the fall, and they also organize field trips and checklists and other awesome stuff for the area. I definitely encourage you guys to check out their website and see if any of their events/memberships pique your interest. And if you're a young birder, you could apply for this scholarship next spring! ;)


  1. Gee, I really wish I could've gone... (If you don't get this it's Jack, and I was there)

  2. Oh man, Jack, I really wish you could have attended! It was like, totally cool.