Monday, July 1, 2013

It was the heeaaat of the moment

My creek had a very poor turn-out of birds today. I walked down the path for about half an hour before getting bored and deciding to go somewhere else. Right as I was about to leave, a farmer drove down the path and called "Miss! Miss!" I totally thought he was going to ask me to get off of his property. (I'm like 90% sure the creek is for public use. But... there is that 10%.) Instead, he pointed out a coyote!

Whoa I just figured out how to add captions.

At first, it was right on the path, so I got a nice, close look -- then it ran into the field. I've seen coyotes on this land quite often, but never at such close proximity! It was much smaller than I expected. (It might have been a pup, I'm not sure.) After the coyote scampered away, I left the creek. Rather than just go home, I decided to bike to a pond downtown, and maybe find some water birds. This is when it got HOT. The bike-ride was worth it, though! I got some fantastic exercise, and I found a number of cute birds at the pond - including Green Herons! I saw 5 herons, and I'm sure there were more skulking around the edges.

 Then there was this Great Egret hogging the path.

"I am so attractive. Oh, were you trying to bike here?"

And this pond is a mecca for Mallards. It's that time of the year for the Mallards to have their fluffy little chickies! The moms are so protective. This mom gave me quite the glare when I got too close to her family.

This family was trundling down the waterway, and passed underneath a bridge. When the mom saw me on the bridge above her family, she almost turned around. Then, she decided to book it even faster through the arch, instead. Look at all those fuzzy babies. She's got her work cut out for her, trying to keep all of them in line.


  1. Wow! I love the coyote! And the ducklings are SO adorable! Awesome photos and an amazing blog ;)