Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gone birding

You know those license plate borders that say "I'd rather be fishing?" Once I buy my own car, I plan to get one that says "I'd rather be birding." This plan is reinforced every morning that I hear birds singing but I have to get up and go to school. Thankfully, school gets out for summer break this upcoming Thursday! And what else could I do on my last weekend of high school besides go birding?

This is a Cattle Egret! See that little tuft of buff feathers on its chest? That tells you it's a CAEG. They've been spreading out and getting much more numerous these past few years. My first year of birding, I didn't see any - now I see them fly over regularly. (To be fair, this could also be a case of "they were there, I just didn't see them.")

White-tailed Kite! Look at his little landing gear legs, aren't they adorable? I was about to say that White-tailed Kites are my favorite raptors, but I think every raptor is my favorite until the next one pops up in my binoculars.

More buuuugggsss! This is a Common Checkered Skipper! As the name implies, they're very common. Also, checkered. I have not yet conducted the proper tests to see if they can skip or not.

And this is... something. I think it may be Neacoryphus Lateralis? I'm not very good with my beetles.

This was a pretty casual day of birding! That's fine, though. Not every day needs to be a mind-blowing adventure. Sometimes it's nice to just walk along the path, hear some songs, feel the sun on your face. : )

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