Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cabin in the woods

I spent a week with some friends in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It was fun! This is actually the exact same trip that I talked about in this post last year. I love that I've had this blog long enough to talk about our annual summer cabin trip twice. That means Up Out Birds is over a year old! Happy belated birthday to this blog. <3 And speaking of birthday-type things, on June 9,  I celebrated my 3rd birding anniversary. Woohoo!

Anyways, back on topic.

My friends aren't birders, meaning I didn't get the chance to do any serious birding, but that's quite alright. The cabin was right next to a creek and surrounded by trees, so I ended up seeing a good number of species anyways. Unfortunately for those gorgeous birds, I only brought my short lens with me to the cabin. I have photos. They're just all distant. :P So be it. (That post from last year has much higher quality photos.)
  1. Black-headed Grosbeak
  2. Steller's Jay
  3. Bushtit
  4. Brown Creeper (Lifer!)
  5. California Towhee
  6. Black Phoebe
  7. Brewer's Blackbird
  8. Common Raven
  9. Turkey Vulture
  10. American Kestrel
  11. Killdeer
  12. Lesser Goldfinch
  13. Song Sparrow
  14. Spotted Towhee  
  15. Redbreasted Nuthatch
  16. Redtailed Hawk
  17. American Robin
  18. Anna's Hummingbird
  19. Osprey
  20. White-throated Swift
  21. Purple Finch
  22. Acorn Woodpecker
Although it was difficult to photograph birds with my short lens, photographing insects and flowers was very easy, and it became an entertaining side quest. My friends got used to me stopping constantly to look at butterflies, moths, and plants. Let's see if I can identify all of these specimens.


This is a kind of Penstemon, and I'm betting on Sierra Penstemon. :)

This is a Mariposa Lily. I was surprised to see such a delicate and exotic looking flower growing in the woods!

 This.... I have no idea what this is. It's cute, though!

 Grasshoppers make me happy. And I'm extra happy to finally figure out their species name - this is a Carolina Grasshopper! You learn something new every day.

The best match I can find for this moth is a Carpet Moth, scientific name Xanthorhoe defensaria. I think it's adorable.


And finally, this butterfly! I'm fairly certain this is a Propertius Duskywing. Yay, that's two new species for my butterfly/moth list! :D

This was a really nice trip! I had a super good time hanging out with my friends and examining bugs and waking up at 5 am with the dawn chorus of birds. Hopefully I'll go for a proper birding trip sometime soon - maybe tomorrow!

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