Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yellow-headed Blackbirds

Hello! I have a little, unnarrated video for you guys. :) It features the Yellow-headed Blackbird! These blackbirds are present in California but not very common, so seeing them this morning was a real treat. The males of this species have inky black bodies and golden yellow heads, while the females are a plain bronze color with some streaking. Juvenile males are black and yellow like their fathers but are more dilute and smudgy in color.

These birds live in Central North America, from California to Illinois laterally and Mexico to Canada vertically. They are colonial birds. During the breeding season, a male may have multiple female mates. In the winter they mix into flocks with other blackbird species, like Red-winged Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds. They like to eat seeds, grains, and insects.

In this video, you can hear that these birds have a really cool call! Some people describe it as a "rusty gate opening."

 (For some reason my computer isn't letting me format this video the way I want, so it's a bit lower quality. Sorry. :( The best I can offer is full-screen at 720p.)

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