Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sandhill Cranes

Hello, everybody! I am extremely pleased to present that I have a video for you. It features a very cool species, the Sandhill Crane. You should check out the video below for some interesting facts about these guys. Enjoy! Again, the quality is best at the 720 resolution. (I apologize for my slightly raspy voice. I have a cold.)

Here are a few places where Sandhill Cranes reliably spend the winter:
Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, California
Bosque del Apache NWR, New Mexico
Padre Island National Seashore, Texas
During migration (March-ish and October-ish) you could try Platte River, Nebraska.
You can easily find more through Google, or the birder grape-vine.

And! The websites that I used for research:


  1. There are indeed a fascinating bird. Go to Colorado to see the grandchildren we always stop along the Platte in Nebraska to see the sandhills by the thousands...;)

  2. Oh, cool! Thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. Actually, since you mentioned the Platte River, I'll add it to my little list of places where people can watch the cranes. It sounds like a great place.