Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hello! Today, I'm doing something a bit special. Don't tell anyone, but this post isn't about birds. It's actually about butterflies. The reason I made a video about butterflies is because when I go out birding, I see not only birds, but all kinds of other wildlife. Sometimes, on bad days of birding, it's the other animals that are actually more interesting than the birds! That's what happened today. I biked out to my normal birding spot, the birds refused to show up, and I started looking at butterflies, instead. So, here is my present to you: a video about something that isn't a bird. And, these are all butterflies that you've probably seen before. They're very common in the Central Valley. Now, you'll know their names!

For some reason I can't insert the video right into this post. Here's the link, though!

Try to see if you recognize any of these butterflies the next time you go out for a walk. You'll probably even see some that aren't included in this video. In that case, check out this website. It's a great resource for identifying Californian butterflies.

Well, that's it. Bye, guys!

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